Andrew Purcell

1)     Tell us a bit about yourself, and your apprentice/trade

Back in 2012, after working in hospitality for 10 years,  I decided to actually get a real job. It was a bit of a struggle but I finally landed an electrical apprenticeship with Energex. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made because I absolutely love being a sparky. 

2)     How long have you been playing for UQ?

I’ve been playing for UQ since 2004. Though I’ve taken a couple of Richie McCaw like sabbaticals. 

3)     Did you ever play rugby alongside Halley?

Unfortunately no. He played at a higher level than me. 

4)     What’s it like to juggle your apprenticeship and footy?

Actually I find that they fit in really well together. The physical stuff at work helps keep me that little bit fitter and the coaches have always been cool if I’ve had to work late and miss training.  

5)     How did it feel to receive the award at the Halley Appleby Memorial Ball in 2014?

It was just really good to be part of something as special as keeping Halley’s memory alive in the club. And I was blown away by just how warm and supportive his family were towards me. 

6)     The Scholarship is based on being a “proven team player”, just as Halley was. What makes you a team player at UQRFC?

For me its about training and playing my hardest no matter what grade or position I’m in on any given weekend. Also I enjoy belting The Filth which is pretty important around here. 

7)     Who supports you the most with your rugby?

Definitely my family. Even now I’m in my thirties my folks still come down and watch my games.

8)     What would you like to tell fellow apprentice/trainees who want to play rugby at UQ?

Get involved. This is definitely the best club.


Photo courtesy of Marcia Hodder – Bella Louise Photography